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FRCS Holocaust Stamp ProjectFOXBOROUGH



Begun in 2009, the Holocaust Stamps Project is a component of community service learning (CSL), at FRCS. It is a unique educational initiative that provides opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of how important it is to demonstrate acceptance, tolerance, and respect for diversity in their own daily lives.

The goal is to collect 11,000,000 postage stamps as a way to symbolically honor every victim of the Holocaust. Students and community volunteers trim and count the thousands of stamps that arrive daily from across the country and the world. The wide range of themes depicted – people, world history, places, flora and fauna, inventions, ideas, and values – leads to discussions about what makes our diverse world so special.

Eleven million is an unfathomable number. One and a half million were children. Six million were European Jews. An additional five million people were killed for being “different” or resisting the seemingly endless acts of disrespect, prejudice, discrimination, and cruelty by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime during World War II.

Students at the Kindergarten to grade 12 Foxborough Regional Charter School in Foxboro, Massachusetts are collecting cancelled postage stamps. To help them gain an understanding of the significance of that many people having had their lives taken. They are collecting and counting one stamp, one life, at a time.

Participants in the project are learning about how one man’s intolerance and prejudice resulted in the annihilation of so many innocent victims from 21 European countries.  Their study of this period in world history has revealed that the dangers of discrimination and bullying are self-evident.

Click the above link for a complete description of the program and the amazing progress that has been made since the program started in 2009.

The project has received major support from the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History in Weston Massachusetts, along with many other individual donors.