You have come to the website for the San Jose Stamp Club.  The club welcomes anybody with an interest in stamps, from the beginner to the seasoned collector.  The club meets twice a month.  At the meetings we have presentations by club members, share information, plan the various social activities the club has, work on various youth activities the club conducts and plan and promote the annual club show (Filatelic Fiesta) which occurs every November.  It is always fun and enlightening to attend the meetings.  Come and join us for a good time and a chance to learn more about the wonderful hobby of Stamp Collecting.

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“Stamp Collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens and in innumerable ways, enriches        our lives.” Franklin D. Roosevelt  (U.S. President. 1882-1945)

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Without dealers, Stamp Collecting would suffer and probably die.  Dealers are not able to conduct their business as usual due to quarantine restrictions and the cancellation of most philatelic events.  Please visit our dealer directory for information on where you can get your stamps and supplies from the safety of your home.

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              To all visitors of this website, Please stay safe.  Follow the recommendations of the CDC and your state and local health officials.  This virus is dangerous and has taken the lives of to many people already.


24 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Joe ybarra says:

    I would love to join this stamp collection need more information on how to do it please

    • sanjosestampclub@gmail.com says:

      Hello Joe, we’d love to have you come join one of our club meetings. We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Community Room of the Pearl Ave Branch of the San Jose Library. It is located at 4270 Pearl Ave, SJ. Meetings start at 7:00pm; come to door on the far right. Meetings are open to guests and usually feature a guest speaker. Club members range from beginners to very experienced and collect wide range of collecting. With the pandemic waning we plan to return to having social functions as well this year.

      If you have any questions about the club, please send an email to: sanjosetampclub@gmail.com

      Our next meetings are on February and March 1st at 7:00pm.

  2. brantwalker says:

    Hello, are you still giving referrals to dealers for people who are looking to sell collections? Thanks!

  3. Brant says:

    Hello, are you still giving referrals to dealers for stamp collections? Thanks!

  4. Monica flores says:

    Are u buying rare stamps if u are I would like to visit your store for both of us to win

    • Brian Jones says:

      Sorry, but the San Jose Stamp Club does not buy any stamps. We do accept donations of stamps, collecting supplies, and reference books for our beginner, youth, and senior programs.
      Are the stamps you’re trying to sell from the USA, around the world, or one countries? By what standard do you believe the stamps are rare? Please keep in mind that most stamps issued after the 1920’s where issued in such high quantities that they are rarely rare. If you email a few photos of what you think are the better stamps and I might be able to refer you to an appropriate dealer. Send the photos to: sanjosestampclub@gmail.com

  5. Ryan Yacono says:

    HI I am 16 and I am interested in joining I collect stamps and first day issue covers and I have a pretty big collection of both how do I join?

  6. John Buckel says:

    I have a large collection of philatelic covers related to the various Lockheed companies that I would like to dispose of. The covers include aircraft, space, shipbuilding, etc items. If there is anyone in your club with a topical interest in Lockheed material I would be glad to forward a disc with the material.

    • Brian Jones says:

      Hello John,
      Thank-you for contacting the San Jose Stamp Club. These covers sound fascinating. I welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you, but it would be best we do it through our email address: sanjosestampclub@gmail.com
      There are one or two people I can refer you to for your collection.

  7. Terry Boretti says:

    Hello, If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate to know where I can buy reliable supplies of good quality papers, albums, etc…for my stamp collection. I thank you in advance

  8. Courtney McCook says:

    Hi, I am a stamp collector who is helping out a friend. He has inherited a large amount of stamps that he might sell or donate either to a company or to a person. He lives in the Bay area so it would have to be local to that region. Does anyone know anyone who accepts donations in the Bay Area? Thanks.

    • Brian Jones says:

      Courtney, it is nice to hear from you. The San Jose Stamp Club has a very active youth/beginner program. We hosted approximately 100 youth at booth with stamp collecting projects. We are able to offer these programs with the stamps that are donated. We’d love to add these stamps to the material we use to offer these programs. Please send an email to sanjosestampclub@gmail.com to make arrangements to meet up someplace. The vast majority of stamps are collectible, but not valuable. If it turns out the stamps are valuable, we can discuss your options.

  9. Niall says:

    I, too, have a small collection of stamps which I would like to donate to a collector. I can be reached at lounrc@yahoo.com.au

  10. Akshat says:

    Dear Sir:

    My name is Akshat and I am a seventh grader. I have inherited a huge collection of stamps from my grandfather. I would like to learn what characteristics a stamp may have and what they signify. For this reason, I am interested in attending the monthly meet-ups. Being a student I can only attend over the weekend. Please let me know the process of becoming a member. Thank you.


    • Brian Jones says:

      Hi Akshat, it is great to hear from you. I think the best way for you to learn about stamp collecting and what to do with the stamps you inherited from your Grandfather is to get you a mentor. The San Jose Stamp Club meetings are at 7:00pm on the first and third Wednesday and everyone is welcome to attend. However, since that is a school night and I’d like you to have the opportunity to get personal attention, I suggest we find a mentor for you to help you one-on-one. Please send your personal information and little about your goals to the club email address at: sanjosestampclub@gmail.com

  11. Bob mag says:

    I have some stamps that were collected many years ago .I want to donate to a person who is starting a collection . No charge for the stamps They can email me at bobmag@comcast.net

    Bob Mag

  12. Tina Corina Capote says:

    Hi my name is Tina Capote. I have a one cent Benjamin franklin stamp and I just want to see if someone can look at and let me.know if it is in fact a rare one. Please contact me.via email. Thanks

    • Brian Jones says:

      Tina, someone would have to look at the stamp to determine value. There are several variations of early stamps that causes value to range from a few pennies to a few thousand. Condition also has a HUGE effect on value. Please keep in mind that it is more likely to be worth a modest value because these are the stamps that are more common.

      Do you live in the San Jose area? It can be evaluated if you bring it in to be examined.
      Please send an email to sanjosestampclub@gmail.com and perhaps with a photo to make arrangements to have it looked at.

  13. Kalpesh Patel says:

    San Jose, San Jose Stamp Club. 
    Good Day sir,
    I am from India, a having a hobby of Philately, My subject is early india cancellation. Also having a research work and collocation which had awarded Silver medal at national level exhibition organised by Postal department of Government of India.Also a life member of Philately congress of Indis is a oldest forum in India.
    I wish to visit San Jose during late July 2018 to Nov 2018, during this period my head camp will be San Jose .
    I wish to attend few sessions at your esteem stamp club. An can also make presentation if permitted by the club authority.
    In view of the above your response is requested to plan my vacation staying at San Jose.


    Kalpesh Patel
    A-1 Raj Apartment,
    B/ h, Kothawala Flats
    Gandhikunj, Kocharab
    Land line no 079 26581241.
    Mobile 091-9427088339.

  14. Punya R. Sthapit says:

    Stamp Collecting has become the most significant provision that offer wonderful opportunities of meetings with various people of this divine universe of mankind,
    Punya R. Sthapit, NEPAL (Email – sthapitpunya@gmail.com)

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